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They arrived 30min early and did an exceptional job. My things were moved safely without any stress. Plus, the price was competent. Thank you Kitchener Movers!
Harry, 32, Kitchener

I was not expecting to have a nice day moving but I figured out it would be a stress-free one. I had read all the good reviews before I hired them and all those people are right. I would recommend them to friends too. Best movers I ever had.
Jacob, 24, Kitchener

My two guys you sent were professional, no complaints and hardworking. I have had to move a lot with my job and all I have are bad movers. This was the best moving experience so far and I will definently use this company again. Thank you so much!
Cathy, 43, Kitchener

Super thanks to Kitchener Movers! The schedule was gladly booked on the best time we are available. The movers were 20 minutes early that made us discuss what to do first and they worked with passion and handled our things well.They were awesome in so many ways! You guys will be recommended, promise! 
Cindy, 45, Kitchener

Many thanks to Scott of Kitchener movers who moved my Antique stuff! I am honestly impressed and thankful that you accommodated my next-day move despite of the long distance. You guys were my knight in shining armour and I will be glad to recommend you!
William Stone, 39, Kitchener

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