Packing for College | What to Bring to Your College Residence

Packing For College

Moving out of province for college starts to seem real once you’ve committed to a long-distance moving company. From there, all that’s left is to pack up your things and start a new chapter of your life. The right Kitchener moving company and our college packing checklist are all you need to make moving across Canada that much easier.

Packing Checklist of What to Bring to Your College Dorm

If you plan to move far away for college, it’s important to pack all the right things the first time around. Thorough preparation saves you the trouble of mailing anything or spending money on acquiring something you may have forgotten. Read on for some of our best college packing tips for a long-distance move.

Clothes and Accessories

It is arguably one of the most important categories because you will probably have less clothing storage space than what you’re used to at home. Packing clothes for college is all about deciding which clothing is essential and what can be left behind until your next trip home.

Remember these clothing essentials when packing for college:

      • Plenty of socks
      • Underwear
      • Your favourite t-shirts
      • A few pairs of shorts and pants
      • One or two formal outfits for special occasions
      • Clothes for working out
      • Different types of shoes: casual, exercise, formal, and so on.
      • Warmer layers for cold weather
      • One light jacket and one heavy jacket
      • Pajamas and slippers
      • Flip-flops (for communal bathroom use in your dorm)

Don’t forget your favorite accessories, too:

      • Belts
      • Sunglasses
      • A watch
      • Any jewelry that you like to wear

Toiletries and Medicines

Keeping up on personal hygiene is extremely important, especially when things start to get busy at school. The first step to doing this is to stay stocked up on all your basic toiletries and hygiene products.

Stay fresh from the outset by packing these items:

      • A toothbrush and toothpaste
      • Dental floss
      • Soap or shower gel
      • A hairbrush or comb
      • Deodorant
      • Cotton swabs
      • Lotion or moisturizer
      • Facewash
      • Razor, shaving cream, and an electric trimmer
      • Any hair product that you use

Having fresh stock of any vitamins or medicines that you take is also an important step to staying healthy. Don’t forget:

      • Vitamins
      • Allergy medication
      • Prescription meds that you take routinely
      • Aspirin or other pain relievers
      • Antacid for your stomach

School supplies

College may feel like a glorious adventure but remember that you’re off to acquire an education. As such, you’ll want to bring along the following school supplies to help you with your studies:

      • Pens and pencils
      • A few notebooks
      • Plenty of sticky notes
      • Highlighters for notes
      • A stapler and spare staples
      • Paperclips
      • A durable backpack

Kitchen items and household items

Most dorms come equipped with common areas where you can heat food without going all the way to the dining hall. Give yourself the option of eating something quick and easy-to-prepare from the comfort of your own dorm by bringing these items:

      • Food containers
      • A minifridge
      • A coffee pot or hot tea kettle (if it is allowed)
      • A few sets of utensils
      • A few cups or mugs
      • A couple of bowls and plates
      • A can opener or bottle opener

You’ll also want to be able to clean up after yourself from time to time. Bring some basic household cleaning supplies with you so that you can keep everything in order:

      • Paper towels
      • Wet wipes
      • A broom and dustpan or a small vacuum cleaner
      • Tissues
      • Multi-purpose cleaning spray
      • Dish soap
      • An air freshener for your room
      • A dust rag

Recreational, electronic, and hobby-related items

When you’re taking a break from studying, you’ll want to have access to things that help you unwind. Regardless of your interests, you should give yourself the chance to relax and continue pursuing your hobbies during your downtime.

Don’t leave these things behind:

      • Any electronic devices and their chargers (tablet, laptop, and so on)
      • A wireless speaker
      • Headphones
      • A power strip for your electronics
      • Any equipment or gear for playing your favorite sport
      • Any musical instrument that you play
      • A camera
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